How to create a provisions outcome report

Provisions outcome reports allow you to see the overall outcomes of provisions and compare them against each other. To view a provisions outcome report, mouse over the Reports tab at the top of the page and select Provisions outcome from the drop down menu.

provisions outcome button

Next, enter the time frame that you would like the report to cover and the breakdown you will use to categorise the results. You can break the results down even further by specifying optional secondary and tertiary breakdowns.

Once you are happy with the criteria you have chosen, click on one of the three buttons below to generate a report:

Display report: Clicking this option will display the report results below the form, which contains a visual representation of the average outcome

Download report: Clicking on this option will generate a pdf copy of the results, which contains a visual representation of the average outcome.

Export to Excel: Clicking on this option will send the results of the report to an Excel spreadsheet, which marks the average outcome for each result in text form.