How to edit a learning plan

In Provision Map, you can edit an existing Learning Plan in two different ways:

Editing a Learning Plan from the Plans menu

To edit a plan from anywhere within Provision Map, mouse over the Plans tab in the top menu and select Edit a plan from the drop down menu.

You will be taken to the screen below. Use the Find pupils filter to locate the pupil whose plan you’d like to edit and toggle the radio button next to their name. If the selected pupil already has an existing plan in place, clicking on the Edit current plan button will allow you to modify their plan.

Editing a Learning Plan from the Pupil details page

To edit a Learning Plan from the pupil details page, mouse over the Admin tab and select Pupil Details from the drop down menu.

Next, click on the three dots menu next to a pupil in the list and select Edit current plan from the resulting popup menu.

3 dots

Both of these methods will take you to the Edit plan page, where you can begin modifying details about the pupil’s individual education needs.