How to report an issue

The Safeguarding module of Provision Map allows you and your staff to easily report sensitive issues in a consistent format.

To report a safeguarding issue, mouse over the Safeguarding option in the top menu and click on Report Issue.

Report Issue Button

You will be then be directed to the Safeguarding portal page, as shown below.

Report Issue portal

On this page you will need to enter the school’s safeguarding password to log in. The Safeguarding password can be found within the Safeguarding section of the School Settings menu and should be known by all staff members. If a welcome message was specified in School Settings, it will appear on the right.

After logging in, you will be able to begin reporting. Enter the details of your issue into the relevant fields and click submit to log the issue with your Safeguarding lead.

If performed correctly, you should see a Success popup in the right hand corner of the screen, along with a confirmation message below the form.