How to view a safeguarding issue in detail

To view a safeguarding incident in more detail, mouse over the Safeguarding tab at the top of the page and select View issues from the drop down menu.

Next, locate the incident you’d like to view and click on the 3 dots in the same row.

A pop up menu will appear. Click on View incident to be taken to a page that describes the issue in detail.

Incident data

The incident data section of an incident describes the core information regarding the issue. This includes the concern type that was raised, the reason for concern, the priority level for this issue, the current status of the issue and which users have access to this issue.

Action log

The action log section of an incident is a chronological timeline of changes that have been made to the issue. This includes action logs that have been written by staff, uploaded files and whenever the incident is shared. To add an action log, type your log into the Title and Note fields and click the Add log button.

Once an action log has been created, you can edit the contents, view revisions to the log, or delete the log entirely.


The files section of an incident houses all of the files that have been uploaded to this particular issue. To view each file that was uploaded, simply click on the filename.